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Lyric Device

The Lyric is a unique hearing device that is designed to become part of your lifestyle, without changing your routine. It has been available for approximately five years, and continues to be improved. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is essentially invisible, can be used while active including sports, natural phone conversation, and even water activities. Lyric works 24 hours a day, allowing you to participate in the hearing world, even while sleeping. You never have to change a battery, and the device is replaced every two to three months.

The device is placed by your specially trained audiologist into the ear. Its elegant design allows the ear to work more naturally, retaining the natural benefits of the outer ear. Smaller than a dime, it fits most ears comfortably. According to Phonak Lyric (2013),” 91% of Lyric wearers are very satisfied with its sound quality”. South Florida ENT Associates is pleased to offer this device to our patients.

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