AllergySouth Florida ENT Care Center One provides evaluation and treatment of a full range of Environmental and Food Allergies.

Many conditions of the head and neck along with nasal and sinus problems may have an allergic component that needs to be managed.  Under the direction of Steven Fletcher, MD, the Allergy Department offers skin testing (intradermal skin testing) or blood analysis (RAST). Patients are counseled so that they may receive the latest treatment to manage the patient’s allergic condition and provide adjunctive care to conditions being assessed by our ENT physicians. Treatment may include management of the allergy systems or immunotherapy (“allergy shots”) to manage the underlying allergic process. This provides a comprehensive approach to allergic disease. We have a well trained and experienced staff who not only do testing but can assist patients with all facets of their allergy care. We provide allergy care throughout Miami-Dade County at many of our convenient locations.

If you should find that you are suffering from allergies, consult a physician from South Florida ENT Care Center One today.

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