Pediatric careSouth Florida ENT Care Center One offers a range of pediatric services starting in newborns. A common medical issue for a newborn that is seen in the office is for a hearing evaluation. Depending on the results from the hearing screen done in the hospital, SFENTA can follow up on these tests with further infant hearing screening in the office. For children with born with a hearing loss our neuro-otologist can address those that are able to be corrected with surgery and if not, our audiologists provide hearing aid services. The hearing evaluation is also important for those children that are evaluated for speech difficulties and if needed we work with several pediatric speech therapists.

Some of the more common surgical procedures that are performed include myringotomy tubes and tonsil/adenoid surgery. Myringotomy tubes are performed for recurrent ear infections and hearing loss from chronic middle ear fluid. Tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy is done for recurrent infections and also frequently for snoring and sleep disordered breathing including sleep apnea. This along with nasal surgery if needed can help with breathing and reduce sinus infections.

Less common procedures done are surgery for congenital cysts of the neck, tumors and cosmetic surgery such as otoplasty. For the teenager our office can evaluate nasal allergies with testing along with surgery to improve nasal breathing and sinus infections, cosmetic rhinoplasty, audiologic testing for hearing and dizziness, voice evaluation for the singer/speaker.

South Florida ENT Care Center One is prepared to treat the youngest patient to the oldest with a high degree of expertise while always putting the patient’s best interest first.

If you should find your child requires pediatric ENT care, consult a physician at South Florida ENT Care Center One today.

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